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Residential Real Estate - Design & Build

Venkor Group provides custom design & build services in Calgary and Alberta. Our team can connect all the pieces in the project to achieve the best possible result. We are your reliable custom home builder, garage contractor, and basement renovation contractor in Calgary and the area.

Our approach is different from competitors, we invest in our reputation making every project our top priority. Venkor Group takes further steps to make sure the client’s needs and budget are delivered by providing complete project transparency and the work schedule breakdown of your project with our quote. You will always know when and what will be done next!

After submitting a quote request for a home build or garage, we'll contact you to verify the information and provide you with an accurate offer for a turnkey building.

Residential Real Estate

Custom Homes Venkor

Custom Homes Builder

BUILT BY Venkor group.

Your family is our value. At Venkor Group we consider the uniqueness of each family, its interests, and characteristics.

Our designers consider the family lifestyle and values, hobbies of each person individually based on a comprehensive brief of the client. As a result, you will get an ideal, comfortable space for the whole family.

At Venkor Group we use non-standard materials and finishes that are not available in big retail chains, this enables us to define innovative and efficient materials while helping local businesses and the community grow. We create a material palette and approve it with the client during the concept design stage, plus we can offer alternatives at the client's request to optimize the budget.

Custom Garage Venkor

Custom Garage Contractor

Venkor Group provides garage building services to our residential clients including single car garages, two-car garages, or fully custom garage construction in Calgary. We use only proper materials and carefully tailor specifications for the garage development. Foundation is the most crucial stage of the garage building, which is why we use a 32-mPa concrete mix and curb wall to accommodate our Canadian winter conditions.

All our garages come with a manufacturer's warranty on electrical installations such as garage doors, motors, breakers, LED fixtures, and others. Get you a free estimate with a list of specifications, price, and scope of work.

As a commitment to our clients, we provide a fully transparent project timeline and quote. Our clients always know what to expect at each stage of the garage development. Our quote includes all city permits and design plans.

Carriage Suites Venkor

Carriage Suites Contractor

Carriage / Backyard suites are an appealing investment for many families that seek extra income from renting a backyard suite. Venkor Group offers turn-key carriage suite building with a concept design package according to your brief.

At Venkor Group we believe that we shouldn't limit our clients’ vision in the design stage of the project. We will make sure that the design concept will meet the budget you are aiming for during the final quote analysis. Our outside-the-box thinking and experience enable us to source innovative materials from our local suppliers rather than using the same old products from the big supply chain stores. You always have a choice to use alternatives, should you be unsure, we will provide mock-ups and samples for you to choose from.

Our clients are always included in the space planning process which is tailored to the client's brief and functionality requirements. Get your free estimate to find out more.

Basement Renovations Image

Basement Renovations

Interior design is our passion, we make an extra effort to provide the best possible results to our clients. Venkor Group doesn't specify lower quality products in our renovation projects while staying within the budget.

Venkor Group provides space layouts studies to the client which are tailored to the brief and architectural uniqueness of your basement. Whether you are thinking of finishing your basement as an additional living space with a kitchen or designing a kid's area to a man's cave with a gym, we will accommodate all ideas during the design stage of the project.

All our clients receive design concepts with material palettes and 3D visuals (if requested) so you know exactly what to expect at the end of the basement renovation.

Renovations Venkor

Home Renovations

At Venkor Group, we are passionate about bringing to life the most daring interior designs. We have the ability to provide a professional design project before the renovation commences or if you already have a specific design in mind then we can make sure it is executed to our high standards.

We don't use lower quality products and invest our effort in sourcing the right materials from the start of the project. We also provide recommendations on the material maintenance so it lasts years to come. Furniture sourcing and import of unique decor pieces if requested, we have experience working with Italian, Spanish, and other European brands.

Venkor Group invests in our reputation and customer satisfaction, therefore we don't cut corners and we make sure every renovation project is executed to the client's expectations.


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Venkor Group provides full cycle Services suitable for residential and commercial real estate assets, including custom homes, custom garages, garage suites, home renovations and complete design services.

Venkor Group is a design and build residential developer located in Calgary, AB.